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You don’t have to face your struggles alone

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My Story

I am curious by nature. As a child, my favourite question was why or how come? I've always been enthralled by stories. I see each person as having a unique story to tell and I would like to get to know what that story is about: their struggles and celebrations of life. I like to know what makes a person who they are and how life has impacted them and learn about how they would like to continue to impact the world around them. I enjoy understanding human nature and what makes each person unique. I believe I have come a long way from asking why- to how does this experience impact yourself and how others see you? My journey in being a social worker and psychotherapist is to assist people to build a bridge to recognize their true selves and honour who they are to a point where they are confident to bring their authentic selves before others.

I am Filipino-Canadian, My Filipino heritage has taught me to take care of others. Filipinos believe in “Kapwa” which translates to community. Filipinos believe in being hospitable and caring for the most vulnerable of people. I bring both my Filipino values and the knowledge and skills I have gained in Canada to the work that I do.

Prior to providing psychotherapy services Lori gained expertise in the following areas:

Caregiver support and education
Compassion Fatigue
Palliative care
Community Health Care
Elder Abuse and Domestic Violence
Advanced Conflict Resolution/ Mediation
Social Service Education

lori canlas - headshot

Credentials & Experience

Bachelors in Social Work (Metropolitan Toronto University, Toronto, ON)
Master’s in Social Work (University of Windsor, ON)

Advanced Certificate in Dispute Resolution (York University, Toronto, ON)
Certified Therapist in EMDR with EMDRIA-
Eye Movement Desensitization International Association; EMDR Canada
Trained in EMI Level1 and 2 with Eye Movement Integration
Somatic Psychology and EMDR Therapy 2020
Trauma Informed Yoga for Therapist and Their Clients 2023
Completed Core Skills in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy:
International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy
Ongoing training in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy,
meeting regularly with EFT consultant to review progress in EFT
Sex as a Safe Adventure: EFT and Sexuality Workshop 2022
Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator 2015
Emotionally Focused Family Therapy Level 1 2022
Emotionally Focused Family Therapy Level 2 2023
EFFT Intensive: Therapeutic Apologies in Psychotherapy 2020
Internal Family Systems Intro2020
IFS Advanced Workshop: Working with Extreme Parts 2020
Depression Care Training 2019
Depression Management Techniques 2016
Anxiety Management Techniques 2016
Strengths Based CBT 2014
Road to Mental Readiness Primary Program 2017
Trauma Counseling for Front-line Workers 2017
Utilizing Ontario's Human Rights Code to Support Clients facing Discrimination 2022
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Frontline Workers2015
Certified Coach Practitioner-Certified Coaches Federation 2014
Sudden Loss, Trauma & Suicide with Dr. Alan Wolfelt 2011

DBT 2023

NDIT-Neural Desensitization and Integration Training: Tools to Integrate EMDR,
Somatic and other approaches to Trauma 2023

The Fun Stuff

Where do you find peace?


When I am walking in the wilderness. Taking time to notice nature and walk amongst the trees is refreshing. Not only do you get fresh air but also fresh insights.

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