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individual therapy at bridge dialogue

Individual Therapy

This is a customized session that allows you to explore the concerns that you have in your life in a non-judgemental and confidential manner. This will give you the opportunity to have a thorough assessment of your life circumstances to aid the therapist in understanding your goals in a wholesome manner. This assessment will assist the therapist to understand what are your present coping mechanisms and how these mechanisms may be assisting you or how it may be harming you.

Therapist is equipped with a trauma informed lens and she will take the time to understand your trauma history. It is significant to have a thorough understanding of your life in order to provide a service to meet your unique needs. After receiving a thorough assessment, a therapist will go through your goals and provide you with an informed course of action.

individual support for therapy at bridge dialogue
Couples therapy at bridge dialogue

Couples Therapy

Let's face it, maintaining relationships is not easy by any stretch of the means, it requires effort and willingness on both parts. Couples therapy is effective when there are willing partners who seek to be open with each other while holding space for each other to be vulnerable. Couples therapy is not easy either because it also requires effort and willingness. It is a progressive type of therapy where each session builds on the other. When sifting through concerns that have been building up for a long time it requires time and attention to unfold cycles and learn how these cycles have caused such disparity between the two of you.

family therapy at bridge dialogue

Family Therapy

This is an opportunity to gather with a non-judgemental therapist who is willing to make space for different viewpoints some opposing and jointly received. This is a space where different personalities are welcomed to convey their joys and hurts of being a part of family life. Careful attention will be made to rifts in communication and emotional injuries.

Not only are we interested in knowing the issues that arise in the relationship but also the joys that compels you to continue persevering. It may feel like delving into a hot mess but couples' therapy provides an avenue to assist in moving through problematic moments in the relationship where through your own volition may have fallen short at addressing the hurts. It is better to move through these moments rather than letting them fester which may give rise to resentment. Couples therapy may be surprisingly a colourful experience where you may experience moments of humour, compassion and enlightenment. It might just be worth the effort.

couples therapy at bridge dialogue

Family life can be chaotic where each person can see you at your very best and your very worst circumstances and in spite of it all still find a way to want to care for each other. The focus will be on providing safe conversations with an Emotional Focussed Family Therapy Lens to give families an opportunity to be heard and voice their needs.

family therapy at bridge dialogue

What’s Included

Individual Therapy Sessions

$175 per hour

Couples Therapy Sessions

$200 per hour

Family Therapy Sessions

$200 per hour

Please check with your personal/workplace extended health insurance to understand your rate of coverage per year. Everyone's coverage may differ.

How It Works

  1. Book a free 15 min consult.

  2. Notify the therapist of further interest.

  3. If you have extended health insurance coverage, check to see if your insurance covers Registered Social Worker and Registered Psychotherapist.

  4. Once you and the therapist have decided to go ahead. Book a session.

  5. Fill out Consent and Intake form.

  6. A video link will be sent or you will be invited to meet at the office.

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