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Workshop opportunities at bridge dialogue

Are you…

Looking for opportunities to help make your workplace or organization mental health proactive?

Look no further, we have customized workshops to fit your workplace.

These workshops are designed to not only bring awareness but to encourage action: stress management, burnout, mind body connection, compassion fatigue, conflict resolution, deconstructing negative thoughts, caregiving for multi-generations,when to ask for help?, navigating the health care system and complex bereavement.

When you take care of your mental health you are able to compel others to care for their own health too. When you are at your best then you can do your best!

Planting the seed to change…

Let’s face it, people call in sick in the workplace. Most of the time when we think of sickness, it’s because of cold or flu. Usually, it's something physical oriented, or so we think. Yet, there is sometimes a hidden illness.

It’s mental health and it could impact any one of us at any time due to impending stressors; some are single incidents and some are prolonged. Regardless of the cause, it demands our bodies, minds, and emotions to adjust and this may cause us to withdraw, be irritable, impatient, think negatively of self and others, have poor concentration, or become angry or aloof.

workshop meetings at bridge dialogue

It's not the way we would like to walk into our workplace or how we want to spend time with our loved ones but these are likely symptoms that could be linked to unaddressed mental health concerns. Your workplace can benefit from bringing this up to the surface and holding space for people who may be going through a tough time. Afterall, we are all human at the end of the day.

Next Steps

Price will be negotiated based on hours of service and number of people in the audience. Email and inform about the following:

Possible Dates and Times of Service

Number of People in Attendance

Mention if location is secured or not

Characteristics of population: workplace associates, peers from organization etc.

If handouts are needed: digital or print

Requesting a customized workshop or set workshop.

Set up a consultation with therapist to work through a needs assessment for the workshop

Set up a date and time

Provide payment to secure your spot

Click below to book your free consultation call today.

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