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trauma therapy at bridge dialogue

Trauma Counselling

Experiencing trauma is an inevitable part of living when emotions, thoughts and even the body are impacted by difficult life events. These tumultuous life events may seemingly throw someone off course with how they would like to feel about themselves and see the world around them. It may bring negative thoughts and feelings as well as discomfort to somebody's well being.

Careful attention will be placed on how trauma has occurred in your life and how it has impacted you and how you see the world. If you feel like you've been spinning wheels trying to figure out how to repair the current hurts or the hurts of yesteryear. It may help to voice it to someone who is trauma informed and who is equipped to work with sorting out these life events.

trauma counselling at bridge dialogue
life adjustment therapy

Life Adjustment Therapy

Life is full of growing pains and changes, some of which are tolerable and others are more challenging. It's not easy to go through changes such as going through a separation, breakup in a relationship, ending a career or beginning a new one, welcoming a new baby, getting married, or facing the challenges of retirement and wondering how to work through the fears of it.

All of these life events can be overwhelming, and it may help to have support by talking to someone who is equipped with knowledge, skills and experience. You do not have to tread these waters on your own.

life transitions - newborn baby
Bereavement Counselling at Bridge Dialogue

Bereavement Counselling

Grief can be physically, emotionally and cognitively consuming. The loss of a family member, friend or even a pet can bring overwhelming feelings to heart. Grief can be messy and there may be days that are more manageable and other days are heavily weighted, where it is difficult to concentrate or remember what to do next in your daily routine. It can take someone off course. This is especially the case when losing a family member due to a tragic circumstance like homicide, car accident, and severe illness.

It doesn't make sense and finding sense of the matter without much information feels hopeless and overbearing. It may help to talk to someone who is bereavement and trauma informed. A therapist who can hold space for these difficult thoughts and feelings then provide possible interventions.

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