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bridge dialogue - trauma counselling in richmond hill

Welcome to Bridge Dialogue!

I help individuals, couples, and families heal from painful instances or complex trauma in their lives.

Building Bridges to your Goals

Whether it is the emotional weight of losing a loved one, difficulty dealing with the daily demands of work and family, healing from unexpected trauma, or going through a life transition such as going through loss, preparing for marriage, or changing careers, I am here to support your journey.

The common thread that connects whatever you may be going through is that the human experience can often leave us in pain and heartache. During these times, it can be difficult to confront your emotions and situation, and nearly impossible to do on your own. However, with support and well researched psychotherapy and social work tools, we can move forward together.

Who Do We Support


Embarking a journey of self exploration. This service is for individuals who are self aware and who would like to work on their own personal trauma, bereavement or life transition. If your issues are interrupting your personal life or workplace then individual therapy may be a good fit for you.


Enhancing or mending or coming to terms with the end of a relationship. This service is for couples who may be improving their relationship before entering a long term commitment, undergoing difficulty due to an affair, on the brink of a divorce or who would like to enhance their relationship.


Working through disharmony in the family unit. Imbalances that can occur within a family unit can throw off the harmony of a family system. These destabilizing factors include:

Emotional distance, low family cohesion, marital conflict, sibling rivalry and parent-child discord.

All sessions are available in person in Richmond Hill and virtually!

lori canlas - therapist and social worker at brigde dialogue

Hi, I’m Lori Canlas De Pala

I'm so glad you're here!

My purpose in becoming a social worker and psychotherapist is to assist people in building a bridge to recognize their true selves. My goal is to help you honour who you are to a point where you can confidently bring your authentic self before others.

Land Acknowledgment

Bridge Dialogue is owned and operated in the York Region. We acknowledge York Region is located on the traditional territory of many Indigenous peoples such as the Huron-Wendat First Nation, the Haudenosaunee and the Anishinaabe peoples and the treaty territories of the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

We affirm that we are all treaty people, and acknowledge the land we work, live and gather on is located on the lands of two treaties. These treaties have been signed with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation and the First Nations of the Williams Treaties who are: the Mississaugas of Alderville, Curve Lake, Hiawatha, Scugog Island; and the Chippewas of Beausoleil, Rama, and Georgina Island. We extend our deepest gratitude to the caretakers of this territory and are fully aware of the privilege we hold in being able to operate a business on this land that is not our own.

To honour this agreement we will take up our responsibility to be respectful of their traditions, knowledge, and inherent rights as sovereign nations. We will respect their relationship with these lands and recognize that our connection to this land is through the continued relationship with these First Nations, and we acknowledge our shared responsibility to respect and care for the land and waters for future generations.

We acknowledge the racism and genocide that has plagued Turtle Island for hundreds of years. We recognize and honour the real history and beauty of Mother Earth and its Indigenous Peoples. We are committed to continued allyship to Indigenous Peoples.

LandAcknowledgement - bridge dialogue owned and operated in york region on indigenous land
bridge dialogue - african canadian acknowledgement

African Canadian Acknowledgement

We are prioritizing equity integration and as part of this work, it is also important to acknowledge Canada’s history of enslavement, racial segregation and marginalization as it has had a devastating impact on people of African descent. The existence of systemic anti-Black racism and inequality in education, housing, employment, health, criminal justice, politics, and other areas can be directly traced to the complex legacies of the dehumanizing enslavement of African people in Canada.

Canada has neither recognized nor educated the public adequately about the historical facts related to slavery and the anti-Black racism it has produced. Despite this, Black Canadians have made outstanding contributions to Canada in every field, which is all the more remarkable given the legacy of slavery. It is necessary to recognize the history of Black Canadians in order to build a more just society, free from discrimination.

I am here to support you along your journey!

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